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At Mt. Capra, we specialize in producing premium quality goat milk products. We produce goat milk protein supplements as well as mineral and sports drink supplements. In fact, we produce goat milk based dietary supplements ranging from general nutrition to probiotic digestive health, colostrum immune support, and natural cleansers. Our formulas utilize organic and natural ingredients along with advanced research to provide the consumer with the highest quality products available today. Combining traditional wisdom with novel ingredients is our way of life.

These happy goats produce goat milk protein, whey, and colostrum!

These happy goats produce goat milk protein, whey, and colostrum!

We specialize in several dietary supplements from goat milk. The milk we utilize comes from our own farm in the Southwestern part of Washington state. Having our own goat milk supply gives us and you the assurance that all of  the products we manufacture from goat milk are the freshest and of the highest quality possible.

Our goats are free range allowing them to enjoy life the way nature intended. The food supply offered to each goat is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics. Our goats have a laid back lifestyle and the incredible nutritional quality of their milk is captured in our gentle and unique production methods and transferred into the products we produce. View Our Products »

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