Capra Mineral Whey - Mineral/Electrolyte ReplacementCapra Mineral Whey  Alkalizing, Minerals & Electrolytes

The supplement that started the goat milk revolution 85 years ago! A 100% all-natural powdered mineral/electrolyte supplement sourced from goat milk whey. CMW contains over 20 naturally occuring macro and trace minerals in a bio-organic form that is easily assimilated by our metabolism.


Caprotein - Premium Goat Milk Protein

Caprotein – Premium Goat Milk Protein

The most digestible protein on the planet! It is made from goat milk that contains no antibiotics or growth hormones. It contains natural probiotics and partially pre-digested fermented protein with absolutely no artificial anything!


CapraColostrum - Goat Milk Colostrum

CapraColostrum – Goat Milk Colostrum

This goat milk colostrum contains natural immunoglobulins, growth factors, peptides, high amounts of immunoglobulins IgG, IgA, and IgM, lactoferrin, cytokines, and over 20 antibodies for healthy immune support.


Yo-Quick, Instant, All-Natural Goat Milk Yogurt

Yo-Quick! – Instant, Goat Milk Yogurt

Yogurt is a healthy and delicious way to get calcium, protein, and probiotics. There is nothing quite so tasty as goat milk yogurt. Now you can  enjoy it anywhere with Yo-Quick! all-natural, goat milk yogurt.


Caprobiotics Advanced - Shelf Stable Probiotics

Caprobiotics Advanced – A Shelf Stable Probiotic Formula

Delivering 15 billion organisms per dose, this probiotic supplement is not only shelf stable but teeming with life. Specifically designed to deliver digestion enhancement and immune support.


Solar Synergy - Sports Recovery Drink

Solar Synergy – Sports Recovery Drink

The answer to a saturated market of unhealthy and overprocessed sports drinks. Solar Synergy combines the best in goat milk minerals with 9 of the worlds most powerful botanical superfoods.


DEEP(2) 30 - Daily Essential Electrolytes, Protein, and Probiotics

DEEP230 – Daily Essential Electrolytes, Proteins, & Probiotics 

Incredibly delicious! The three pillars of DEEP2 30 are essential goat milk minerals and protein with clinically proven probiotic delivery. Comes in 3 flavors; coconut, banana, and strawberry.


CapraFlex - Bone and Joint Health

CapraFlex – Bone & Joint Health

CapraFlex is a complete bone and joint formula. It contains naturally occurring compounds such as Glucosamine and Chondroiton from type II chicken collagen. Additionally included are whole foods, herbs and enzymes.


Double Bonded Protein - High Octane Goat Milk Protein

Double Bonded ProteinHigh Octane Goat Milk Protein

A natural blend of both casein and whey proteins trigger incredible muscle building stimulation while simultaneously inhibiting factors that lead to muscle breakdown.


CapraMilk - Powdered Goat Milk

CapraMilkPowdered Goat Milk 

Powdered goat milk is the next best thing to owning your very own goat! This delicious goat milk is 100% hormone and antibiotic free. It contains no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals or preservatives.


Caprobiotics Plus+ - Powerful Goat Milk Probiotics

Caprobiotics Plus+ Powerful Goat Milk Probiotics

The first probiotic fermented in fresh goat milk. This blend combines 10 synergystic strains of health enhancing bacteria with goat milk prebiotics such as goat milk cream and goat milk mineral whey.


Vital Energy - A Metabolic Food to Enhance Mind and Body

Vital EnergyA Metabolic Food to Enhance Mind and Body

Vital Energy™ is comprised of over 30 botanicals, enzymes, and wholefoods, combined into 5 unique and multifaceted dietary blends designed to reignite the spark vitality that enhance both mind and body.


CapraGreens - Alkalizing Green Superfood

CapraGreens – Alkalizing Green Superfood

The power of greens are truly amazing! Goat milk minerals and green superfood botanicals deliver a serious “green” punch. 2700 ORAC units per serving. 3 servings a vegetables in one drink!


CapraZyme - A Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme

CapraZymeA Full Spectrum Digestive Enzyme

A unique blend of digestive enzymes and powerful botanical ingredients that help process carbohydrates, protein, fat, and dairy with no unpleasant side effects. 100% vegetarian!


CapraCleanse - A complete cleansing formula

CapraCleanseA Complete Cleansing Formula

A blend of botanicals, essential oils, enzymes, probiotics, fiber, and alkalizing minerals from predigested goats milk. All natural ingredients. Contains no harsh laxatives. and is gentle enough to use everyday.


Shaker Cup

Cyclone Shaker Bottle Guaranteed Not to Leak

The Mt. Capra – Cyclone Shaker is the premier shaker cup in the industry due to its innovative heavy-duty design and durability.