Mt Capra’s Yo-Quick!

In 2009 the folks on the Mt Capra product development team had a brain storm. The idea involved making yogurt from goats milk and then drying the product. Being experts in the field of gentle moisture removal from delicate organic products this was a perfect fit for their equipment and vision. It is tasty, instant and comes in three flavors, Sensational Strawberry, Blueberry Blast, and Very Vanilla. Check out more information regarding instant goat milk yogurt!

Yo-Quick - Blueberry Blast - Instant Yogurt

Yo-Quick - Very Vanilla Instant YogurtYo-Quick - Sensational Strawberry Instant Yogurt

3 thoughts on “Mt Capra’s Yo-Quick!

  1. Joden says:

    I wonder if you’ve ever considered marketing unflavored, or at least unsweetened yo-quick? I would much prefer it myself and would buy the kitchen container to keep on hand.

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