We love that you are here.

We’ve been doing this goat milk products thing for nearly a century and we love sharing with others the awesome things going on at our farm.

Our family-owned, sustainably-managed goat dairy is located in Centralia, WA where, for nearly 10 decades, we have been producing the highest quality goat milk available.

Every drop of milk we produce is transported 9 miles down the road to our own processing facility where it is gently transformed into nutritious and wholesome goat milk products.

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You probably have a lot of questions for us. Questions that totally make sense.

Why goat milk?
What do you feed your goats?
How do you process the goat milk into various whole foods?
Do you support sustainable farming practices?

Those are all great questions but first I would like to introduce the Mt. Capra Team. (Hint: you can skip ahead to the answers if you don’t want to wait)

The Mt. Capra Team

Our Advisory Board

We are privileged to an have an exemplary advisory board of doctors and researchers-each contributing counsel in their area of expertise in health and wellness. They are invaluable resources in the area of clinical studies, product the formulation, and natural health reporting. We would like to take the opportunity to thank each of our advisors for sharing expertise in their respective fields thus enabling Mt. Capra to become a leader in the natural health food industry by serving the needs of health conscious consumers.