Mt. Capra has been serving you since 1928.

At Mt. Capra we specialize in several products made from all natural goat milk. Our farm is located in the southwestern part of Washington state. Our goats live free range, happy lives, and having our own milk supply gives us and you the assurance of quality. The goat milk products we manufacture are the freshest and highest quality possible.

Our free range goats enjoy life the way nature intended. Their food supply is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and they are not treated with antibiotics. This laid back lifestyle and food quality is captured in our gentle and unique production methods known as Refractance Window Drying which is then transferred into the products we produce.

Frank Stout

How many times have you heard the following cliché: “When you have your health, you have everything” Although such sayings are easy to ignore, anyone having recovered from a serious illness can say with a fairly certain conviction that this axiom (however cliché it might be) is right on the money. The main goal in keeping and maintaining good health is to allow your body to do what it was created to do; thrive. Mt. Capra is here to help you along your pathway to thriving wellness. A healthy lifestyle that includes exercise, smart eating, and proper nutrition will do a lot to push you toward realizing your goals. The wide array of wholefoods we produce can be the perfect supplement to anyone seeking good health. We hope this website featuring our nutritional products will be both informative and helpful as you choose which supplements are best suited in helping you in your quest for wellness. After all, Mt. Capra stands behind the belief that goat milk wholefoods can transform your mind and body. Not a bad deal if your health means everything.

Joe Stout M.S. - Nutrition Expert

The life of every scientist is based upon two foundations; facts and faith. Empirical evidence must be taken hand in hand with theory, logic, and a respect for the vast landscape of the unknown. While certain branches of scientific knowledge have been extensively researched and leave little room for debate most have expansive territory that is still being explored and concrete facts that are still being established. For example, this is true in chemistry, astronomy, biology, and nutrition. Perhaps nowhere is the juxtaposition of fact and faith more visible than between science and nutrition. The scientific study of nutrition is an extremely young discipline and much is still to be discovered. Scientists must compare both the empirical evidence they discover in the lab with what has been practiced for hundreds of years. There is a broad amount of nutrition knowledge we don’t know yet and we would be most wise to keep an open mind. By remaining neutral where necessary, both those with or without a background in science can make informed decisions about their own health targets. Within the pages of this website, you will find a blend of both scientific and historic recommendations for a variety of nutrition topics. We hope that not only will this site be useful, but that you won’t hesitate to contact us with your questions, comments, and suggestions. Thanks for visiting and here’s to your health!


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